Introduction to Maya fur: Modeling a peach

What was next after the forbidden fruit?

Well, I had never used the Maya fur tool before, and I wanted to give that a try. And somehow, rather than thinking of an animal, I thought of a peach. Maybe because I just made an apple.

This is how it turned out. (Can you see the fur? Look closely.)

3D peach
3D peach

How I made this peach was very similar to how I made the apple in my previous entry.

I first started off with a primitive polygon sphere with radius of 5 or so with subdivision values of 12 both along its axis and height.

Some vertices at the bottom were pulled downwards with the move tool to make the end pointy.

Like the apple, the top of the peach was manipulated by adding extra rings using the Duplicate Edge Ring tool and moving selected vertices downwards with the move tool.

Extra vertical ring edges were added by selecting the Split Edge Ring Tool in Edit Polygon and clicking on a horizontal ring. This was done twice to get three vertical rings close to each other. The middle ring was then pushed towards the centre of the circle by selecting edges along the vertical ring and using the move tool. This formed the crack of the peach.

Then, the Sculpt Geometry Tool was selected to push and pull vertices to make the basic shape of the peach.

When smoothed, it looked like this:

I Google imaged “peach” and found this:

I cropped the image around the middle of the top peach to end up with this:

A new Lambert material was created and the image above was used as 2D texture placement (normal projection). Repeat U was set to 2 and both Mirror U was checked to make it seamless.

The polygon was smoothed again, by the way, and from another angle it looked like this:

Now for the ‘fur’. I set the status of the file (top left drop down) to ‘Rendering’ to get the ‘Fur’ menu to display. I selected Fur –> Attach Fur Description –> New. After 5 minutes of playing around with the parameters, the following values were set in the attributes window for the fur description:

Light Model : Ambient + Diffuse + Specular
Density : 20000
Global Scale : 0.050
Base & Tip Colour : pale pink
Length : 1.200
Baldness : 1.000
Base Opacity : 1.000
Tip Opacity : 0.000
Base Width : 0.050
Tip Width : 0.021

The perspective view doesn’t exactly render fur so it just looked like this:

Rendered, it looked like this. (Maybe you can see the fur better with the black background.)

Yay – my first fur :)

What am I gonna do with these fruits? Make a fruit bowl? …and place it on the table of in the lounge room I posted in my first post? Hmm…


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