Texture mapping in Maya: Making a flan

I wanted to try out texture mapping. I’ve done colour mapping before, but never really layered things like specular, reflection and ambient maps.

I just had awesome waffles at Max Brenners so I thought about modeling a waffle, but in the end I made a flan.

3D flan
3D flan

I started off with a polygon cylinder and scaled the bottom vertices to make the base wider. I then used the Duplicate Edge Ring Tool at the bottom to make two extra edge loops at the base. This was because if I smooth the cylinder without these extra vertices, it will become a sphere rather than a cylinder with rounded edges.


I did the same for the top. I made extra edge loops and moved the upper ones inwards to make a slope. I also made an extra loop on the top surface and moved those vertices downwards so the top is not flat.


I smoothed it and, hurray, it made the edges round.


Now, the default UV map wasn’t what I wanted so I selected it to have a planar mapping. This way I could make texture files that have circles for the top and bottom, and quads for the sides. Below is the flan’s UV mapping.


I made a texture file in photoshop as below. The brown part is the top of the flan. The top corner edge ring is blurred to show the transition from the caramel at the top to to the creamy bottom.


I made a Blinn material and attached the texture map to it and the flan looked like this.


Next, I made a CV curve in the side view to make the plate.


I revolved it 360 degrees along the y-axis, and and created a new white Blinn material.


For the syrup, I just made another cylinder and played with the outer vertices.


After playing with the vertices, I smoothed the cylinder.


Rendered, the whole flan was too reflective and specular.


So I made a specular map so that only the caramel-covered top is fairly specular.


Rendering at this point resulted in the image below.


A bit better, but the cream-coloured part was still too reflective. I made the following reflection map.


Rendered, it looked much better.


But the flan was a bit too dark. I wanted some ambiance.


With the ambient mapping above, it looked heaps better.


But the flan was perfectly shaped. It needed some bumps for it to look more real.


Adding the bump map above, the flan now looked like this.


Additionally, I added a bump map for the caramel syrup.


I increased the value of the ambiance of the plate because it was a bit too dark. Now, the glowing result :)

3D flan
3D flan

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  1. I’m a big flan of this post.

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