Unwrapping UVs in Maya: Texturing a church pew

I do like automatic mapping because I don’t need to deal with scaling UVs so much, but I guess it makes it much harder to texture as the UV shells for each face go all over the place… So here’s something I unwrapped using “proper” means…

Church pew unwrapped and textured using Maya UV Map Editor

First, I made the whole object have a checkered material so that I can see how I need to scale the UVs later.

I selected the middle faces of the pew because I wanted those faces to be unwrapped cylindrically.

I fired off Create UVs –> Cylindrical Mapping…

…and fixed the orientation of the mapping by clicking on the red cross in the gizmo and rotating the mapping.

Next, I opened up the UV Texture Editor and clicked on the button highlighted to make the UV shells coloured in so they’re easier to see.

In select shell mode (second button in the window), i moved other UV shells other than the one I just unwrapped out of the way. I scaled the unwrapped UV so that it fits in the first quadrant.

Using the Move and sew tool, I selected edges that should be connected and sew them together. The UV shells were scaled so that the checkered pattern on it were even squares.

For the sides, I selected the little box next to Create UVs –> Planar Mapping and projected it from the x-axis since I want the plane to look into x.

In the UV Texture Editor, I scaled the newly unwrapped UV shells so that the checkered pattern size matches the rest of the pew.

Plannar mapping from the x-axis was once again fired off to unwrap the sides of the pew.

Once again the UV shells were resized to match the rest of the pew.

The wood texture was added as the material.


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