Texturing a Church in Maya

A quick preview render of the textured Church

So here’s a church I modeled earlier (Modeling an Arched Door in Maya)

I unwrapped the church’s UVs using the same method as my previous post (Unwrapping UVs in Maya – Texturing a Church Pew) – by selecting appropriate faces and projecting them in the x plane, y plane and z plane and scaling UVs.

Below is the texture file that I created for the church.

The material on the object is Phong which makes it very shiny, so I manipulated the texture file above in Photoshop (desaturating, darkening, and decreasing contrast) to create a specular map.

A bump map was also added so that bricks do not look flat when zoomed in.

The top of the roof looked a bit too simple, so I added a ridge to it. It also helped cover any seams at the top of the roof.


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