Project Ancient China: Texturing a Siheyuan

Siheyuan preview render

So I finished modeling the Siheyuan that I started in Project Ancient China: Modeling a Siheyuan in Maya.

Using the steps posted earlier, I unwrapped the UV of the SIheyuan…

…and made an image map for it.

The problem with this was that, since the texture maps had to be no bigger than 1024px by 1024px, the textures were very pixelated.

The solution was to tile multiple texture files that were smaller than 1k. So instead of one big texture file, the following small texture files were created.

Using these tileable texture files, appropriate faces were assigned their respective texture, and the UVs were scaled to a size much larger than the first quadrant of the UV space so that the textures will tile.

So now the textures were looking much more crisp.

The roof looked too flat though, so I added more edge loops and raised some edges.

After my first iteration of texturing and some preview lighting, the Siheyuan now looked like this :)


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  1. Do you have any finished animations of a siheyuan? We might be interested in working with you on a video that we’re working on…please contact me at
    Thanks, Bill

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