Importing numbered stills into Premiere Pro CS4

So here’s a 360 view of Azusa that I made earlier. Instead of exporting her as a movie file directly from Maya, I batch rendered numbered stills and imported them into Premiere Pro.

To make numbered stills into a video in Premiere Pro CS4, go to File => Import. Select the first still image, tick the Numbered Stills box and hit OK.

When you import numbered stills to Premiere Pro CS4, the video becomes 29.7fps by default. To fix this, you need to click on the imported video on the left hand list, go to File => Interpret image and make it 25fps there.

Sometimes when you import stills that are for wide screen and drag it into the time line, the video may be zoomed and cropped. To fix this, right click on the clip on the time line and tick Scale to frame size, or go to Edit => Preferences => General and tick Default scale to frame size before you import the stills.


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