High Poly Character: Modeling a Cute Witch in Maya

High Poly Character Design - Cute Witch Liah

Above is a design for a cute witch, Lian, which I whipped up for my first high poly character modeling. Her torso was modeled similarly to my low poly character, so here’s how I made the rest of her.

For her face, I started off making a polygon for her eye. Once I had the shape I wanted from the front view (1), vertices were moved to suit in the side view (2). The outer edges were then extruded outwards, and the new vertices were adjusted to suit the shape of the eye (3). This was done once more to get her basic eye shape (4).

The same thing was done around her mouth. A polygon was made to shape the inside of her mouth, then the outer edges were extruded out and shaped a few times.

Once a low poly eye, mouth and nose were modeled, these patches were joined together by merging closest vertices. Then the outer edges were extruded and shaped further to model the rest of her head.

Modeling the rest of her head, she looked like below (left). Pressing the 3 key and turning on smooth preview, she looked like this (right). So later, once I attach her head to her torso, I can smooth her one level.

For her hair, I started off with a helix (1). Using a lattice, I deformed the helix so that it curves more softly at the top and pointy at the bottom (2). Then I deleted the inner faces (3) so it looked like curly hair (4).

I made a narrower helix (left) and put it inside the bigger one (right) so she has more hair.

And also copied some faces off the original helix and rotated them / mirrored them to add more kicks to her hair.

For the rest of her hair, a copy of her head was made and faces that was not where her hair would be was deleted (left). These faces were exturded slightly so her hair has a bit of volume, then edges at the front were extuded to make her fringe (middle). The part where the pony tails will go were pulled out and her pony tail was added (right).

Her skirt started off being a simple extrusion of edges from around her hips (left). Then extra edges were added to the skirt without adding more edge loops to the rest of her body, and edges were pulled out and up to make a flare skirt (middle). Her skirt looked pretty zig zaggy, but with smooth preview on her skirt looked pretty nice (right) so it’ll look fine after I smoother her once later.

To make her skirt look puffy and look like she’s wearing a pannier inside, the bottom edge loop of the skirt was extruded inwards and out again. So her skirt form the bottom view looked like below (top left), and from the side smoothed one level (bottom left). And overall, Liah was coming along (right).

Her face didn’t look very nice for a cute witch though.

So I exported her face as a obj file and opened it in Mudbox. Using the sculpt and smooth tools, I made her cheeks more pronounced and moved her jaw back. (Shortcuts: Left mouse drag while pressing b for brush size and m for magnitude. Press Ctrl while using tools to invert its functionality.) And after all that, she looked much cuter :)


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