Duplicating with SDK: Making Flipping Pages in Maya

Scene from SunDay - Animation by Keiko Kamata & Arunima Patke

In the short animation SunDay, Rikka flips through the Lever Solver book. To rig up the book, I used set driven keys as below. (How to set up SDK can be read in my post Adding Set Driven Keys to animate a hand in Maya.)

Where 0 is the minimum value of the SDK and 10 is the maximum value, below was set to be the joints’ value 0 position.

At value 3, the joints were set as below.

This was value 5…

value 7…

value 9…

and value 10.

Now, I wanted Rikka to be able to flip through pages twice. So I wanted to duplicate the page mesh, page jonts, and the SDKs associated to them so I don’t have to rig up the new page. To do so, you go to Edit => Duplicate Special [] and tick Duplicate input graph.

I translated the new page down a little and there was a book that could be flipped twice. To be able to flip through more pages, keep duplicating the page with the input graph ticked.


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