Maya 3D model in Flash Papervision3D

Low poly May in Flash

I thought I’d have a go at using Papervision3D to import my 3D character into Flash. They say that the total triangle count for Flash should be under 3000, which meant that I needed to create a low polygon 3D model – lower than Azusa. Since I may want to add more objects to the scene later, I thought I’d make a character below 500 triangles.

So here’s my new character, May, in wireframe mode. This was the first time I made such a low poly character, so hopefully the mesh around her joints are good enough to deform okay when I try to animate her later.

Now, I downloaded Open Collada for Maya as May needed to be exported as a .dae file. Once installed, I loaded COLLADAMaya.mll inWindow => Settings/Preferences => Plug-in Manager and exported her as a .dae file using the new OpenCOLLADA exporter. One default setting I changed in File => Export Selection Options was, I ticked Copy textures so her texture file gets copied over to where I export her mesh.

Speaking of texture file, this time I wanted to make her texture map with only Photoshop tools. That is, just brushes, blend modes, and filters rather than using some photos to help with the look. Here’s her texture map.

For the Flash part, I downloaded Saqoosha’s FLARToolkit. I didn’t really need the augmented reality feature just yet, but I might like to add it later.

There’s a lot of tutorials out there now about how to import collada files to flash so I won’t be writing it here. (Just a note to myself though, when you name classes and files, make sure you do it in 6 places. In the AS file, make the class name and function name the same as well as the file name. In the FLA file, put the class name into Properties tab => Publish => Class and File => Publish Settings => Formats => Flash (.swf) and file name.)

Click here to view the SWF file.

One thing that was odd was that her right leg had its normals reversed in Flash. When I checked it in Maya it was fine. I thought I’d try reversing the normals in Maya so that it looks incorrect in Maya, and what do you know, it appeared fine in Flash.


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