Quick Realistic Grass in Maya

When you just use a grass texture, it doesn’t look very realistic because the render looks flat like below.

So here’s a quick way to make grass have some volume, without using fur or paint effects but, by using a displacement map.

Open up the Hypershade window and right-click on your grass texture and select Graph Network.

Middle-mouse-drag the Displacement node to the Work Area. Middle-mouse-drag that node on top of the grass material node and select displacement.

If you refresh the Work Area by right-clicking on the grass texture and selecing Graph Network, it should look like below. Click on the displacement node.

Click on the button next to Dsiplacement in the Displacement Attributes tab.

In the Create Render Node window, choose 2D Textures -> Fractal.

Render the scene, and your grass will look more realistic with the added volume.


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