Maya Particles: Creating a flower field with particles

Particle Flowers
Particle Flowers

Above is a flower field I created with flowers in the background made of particles. Particle sprites always face the camera, meaning they will face you regardless of camera movement or camera swap.

To create particles, set your menu to Dynamics mode, and select Particles -> Particle Tool [].

In the Particles tool settings, enter the new particle name and set the number of particles you want to create per click. Setting the Particle Number to 50 means that each time you click, 50 particles will be created (hence a bunch of 50 flowers) per click, but you can’t control the location of each particle.

Since I wanted all flowers to touch the ground, I kept it to one and clicked 50 times more, exactly where I wanted the flowers. Making the ground orbject live made it easy to align the particle to the ground.

Initially, these particles are just dots on the screen.

Click on the particle object and open up the Attributes Editor. Under Render Attributes, change the Particle Render Type to Sprites and check Depth Sort.

This changes particles from dots to planes that face the camera.

If you click on Current Render Type button, you can scale the sprites.

By attaching a flower pink and purple materials, the particles rendered out as flat flower planes that always face the camera. Even though they’re in the far background, I didn’t like the fact that they looked obviously flat. They also had fuzzy white edges around the texture alphas.

So I decided to make them spheres instead of sprites by changing the Particle Render Type to Spheres.

You can see the difference below – the pink flowers look like they have geometry :)


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    add more details, how to create scene in maya.

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    Really useful, thanks!

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