Animating Water with Maya: Chateau de Chenonceau

3D Chateau de Chenonceau
3D Chateau de Chenonceau

I modeled a castle below based on Chateau de Chenonceau. Now I wanted to create flowing water for it to stand in.


I started by creating a polygon plane where I want the water surface to be, and applied an OceanShader material to it. (Right click –> Assign New Material.. –> Ocean Shader)


The default ocean texture looked like this:


The size of the waves were too large, so I increased the Scale (under Ocean Attributes in the attributes editor) to 3.


This made the water surface look like this:


The default colour was too bright, so I made the Water Color (under Common Material Attributes in the attributes editor) darker.


To make it look more realistic, I added a Noise node to Water Color. (Click on Water Color [] in attributes editor –> Select Noise)



In the Noise attributes editor, under Color Balance, I adjusted the Default Color, Color Gain, and Color Offset.


This made the water surface look a bit more realistic with colour variance imitating shadows and depth.


It still looked a bit bright though, so back in the Ocean Shader attributes editor, I reduced the Diffuse to 0.


Now for animating the water. In the Ocean Shader‘s attributes editor, under Ocean Attributes tab, there is Time.
To make the water surface flow continuously, I put an expression in that Time slot (rather than keying values and animate it using the timeline or graph editor).

I tried it out by typing “=time” in the Time slot. This made the wave too fast for what I wanted. I decreased the Time by replacing the expression with “=time/2”.


Below is how the animated water turned out.  Try to view it in HD to see the details.


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  1. Tomas says:

    Very nice explained, quite simple when i look on it like this :)

  2. David says:

    thanks your useful share…I have learn too much from it to my works…

  3. says:

    how did you do that time slot thing ?? Only this step is confusing.

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