Rendering wireframe in Maya


Below is a house I modeled for an interactive desktop application that I wanted to render out as a wireframe.


There are a few ways you can do this in Maya, but I found this to be the simplest method.

First, create a lambert material and go to its shader group tab. Expand the mental ray menu and tick Enable Contour Rendering. While you’re here, you can change the colour of the wireframe lines and also its thickness.

Now either apply the new lambert material to everything in your scene, or create a new render layer and override all materials with the new lambert material.

Open up the Render Settings window and set the Render Using to mental ray. In the Features tab, expand the Contours menu and tick both Enable Contour Rendering and Hide Source check boxes. Change the Flood Colour to what ever colour you want the faces to be when rendered, and increase the Over-Sample to 3. Lastly, expand the Draw by Property Difference menu and tick Around all poly faces.

Hit the render button and the wireframe of your objects will be rendered. Hiding all lights make rendering extra fast.

View this project on Behance


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