Duplicating objects along a curve in Maya

I was making a stylised amusement park for a project, and wanted to create a roller coaster track by duplicating planks along a curve.

To do so, I created a curve and snapped the plank object at the start of the curve.


I selected the plank, shift-selected the curve, and hit Animate –> Motion paths –> Attach to Motion paths.


Hitting play in the timeline, the plank object moved along the curve.

To create duplicates of the plank along the curve, I hit Animate –> Create Animation Snapshot.


I played with the increment so that I was happy with the space between the duplicated planks.


Near the end points, the spacing was very small, so I deleted the objects that I didn’t want to keep.


This is where it ended up:

View this project on Behance


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  1. lingkon2096 says:

    I think this is not perfect way to learn how to duplicating object along a curve in maya. In this post , they don’t discus any angel and position for object. If you make object in this way, you can not make any duplicate object properly. If you want to know about this from expert. Just go http://motionstudiocg.com

  2. Davey says:

    For people looking for this in maya 2016 go to
    – Animation -> Constrain -> Motion paths
    Hope this helps ;)

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