This blog started out as my personal learning notebook, to record newly learnt skills that was applied to my recent 3D artwork.

It has since grown and has become something close to a collection of tutorials.

It’s great to find out from comments and questions that my personal notes are helping other Maya learners.

Find a post useful? Give it a thumbs up (rate it), share it, or like it so I can make more posts like it.


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  1. Edward Elston says:

    Hi, nice site and thanks for the reviews on schools in Melbourne offering 3d modelling courses.

    I’m interested in 3d modelling and have just obtained a copy of 3D Studio Max to trial. Can you recommend any interactive tutorials that I could use to learn from? Say DVD’s, etc?

    1. Kakes says:

      Thanks for your comment Edward :)

      Have you had a look at The Gnomon Workshop (http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com – the site has a couple of free videos that teaches you how to navigate around 3DSMax too) or Simply Max (http://www.simplymax.com/)? Otherwise, youtube seems to have some video tutorials too.

  2. John Rivera says:

    I like the idea of the site, it’s very helpful. Even though it’s not full tutorials there are enough tips that make it worth a look.

    1. Kakes says:

      Thanks John, it’s great to hear that my posts are helpful :) Look forward to seeing some of your work one day.

  3. a@sa.com says:

    thumbs up!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How is your twitter?

  5. great advice on that (+=24) to offset the keys numerically, are you working with maya in australia, i can’t find any people here appreciate the 3d animation technical procedures, rather than cartoni 2d colorless very traditional art drawings.
    like to hear your opinion on that.

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